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Eco-Friendly Stays in Alaska: The Heart of Wilderness


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You want to see the world, but you also want to do so without harming the environment. If that’s your goal while staying in Juneau, stay at one of these eco-friendly locations. 

Another benefit of eco-friendly stays in Alaska is that they put you in the heart of nature, allowing you to experience the lush vegetation, wildlife and see the stars like never before.

Learn where to stay in Juneau that is the most eco-friendly and hospitable so you can see a new place and leave little trace.

Eco-friendly Lodges in Alaska

Stay in remote, natural areas of Alaska while having minimal impacts on the environment. Protect nature and enjoy what makes the culture unique. Here’s a look at some eco-friendly stays through Alaska’s wilderness.

Alaska BearCamp

Stay close to nature and get close to grizzly bears. Know that this lodging group focuses on sustainability. Power for the tents comes from solar energy. Tents are heated with propane. And food provided is organic and locally-sourced.

Stay in a private section of Lake Clark National Park in sturdy tents. Your tent will feature two beds close to one another to create a king-sized bed. Despite the fact that these are tents, they are safe and you’ll be surprised at their comfort. Enjoy the security of a solid door and a traditional floor.

Boreal Journeys Alaska

You have the option to stay in a cabin or tent at Boreal Journeys. Head to the snowy forests of Alaska as you explore Tanana River. Spend your evenings stargazing. The experience is sustainable with electricity from solar panels, the hunting and fishing gear is locally made from indigenous materials and the land is used to grow food. 

Camp Denali

Stay at Denali National Park in one of 19 cabins with views of the forest. These cabins were all made sustainably, using eco-friendly building materials and hand construction. The staff sewed the bedding and the cabin is heated using a wood stove.

The drinking water comes from a spigot and the only lighting available is through propane lamps. The camp includes a dining room and shower facility. These are all powered with renewable energy and solar-powered system. 

Eco-Friendly Stays in Alaska

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Spend time in Fairbanks, Alaska, at the Chena Hot Springs Resort. You can stay at a variety of accommodations from RV sites to yurts to the comfort of a cabin. Easily stargaze from the resort thanks to its natural setting with minimal disruption to nature’s darkness. 

The resort uses geothermal energy as well as power from the Hot Springs. All food is organic from the private farm on site. 

Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge

You’ll feel isolated yet supported at this lodge located just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. This hand-built lodge helps you hike, fish, camp, canoe and birdwatch while caring for nature. The lodge takes part in eco-tourism to provide a place to stay that you’ll be proud of.


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Kantishna Roadhouse

Enjoy Denali Park from one of these cabins. Your cabin can be a duplex or four-plex and comes with a front porch to sit and relax in nature. Although the cabin is rustic, it features a fully-functional bathroom. These eco-built cabins use sustainable practices to make them a place you’ll be proud to stay.

Orca Island Cabins

When your travels take you to Seward, Alaska, rent the lodge at Orca Island Cabins on Resurrection Bay. Enjoy the scenic wilderness in your cabin among the dense trees overlooking the Kenai Fjords water.

Or stay in a yurt with quick access to the water. Sustainability is at the forefront of this resort as all cabins receive power from solar. During the chilly months, they are heated through propane. The kitchen and bathrooms both run on propane as well. The water comes directly from the lake.

Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge

You’ll get close to a variety of nature scenes, including glaciers, the ocean, wildlife and incredible views of the mountains. Located in Halibut Cove inside Kachemak Bay State Park, the resort is cozy and relaxing. 

Not only can you stay in an eco-friendly resort, but you can take part in ecotourism with kayaking, bear viewing and more. The food you enjoy at the resort is organic. The lodge uses environmental cleaning practices and takes part in water conservation.

Tebay Lodge

Located inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, this lodge sits among the snowy mountains. It includes yurts and homesteads as well as a log cabin. 

The yurts are spacious, hosting up to seven guests. Enjoy cozy furniture and the comforts of home from the cabin or yurt. The area runs off solar power with a backup generator in case there isn’t enough sun that day. 

You won’t find any cellular service in the area, which can help you unplug and enjoy your wilderness adventure. The toilets are outhouses that are used for composting. 

Tutka Bay Lodge

Explore Homer, Alaska, where you can enjoy bird-watching and river rafting right from where you stay. If you’re a naturalist, this is the best place for you to stay. 

The lodges have eco-friendly furniture with a homey feel. It is among a fishing community. It is off the grid with power only from sustainable sources. 

Ultima Thule Lodge

During your stay in Anchorage, visit this lodge that helps you experience Alaska at its core. This lodge is in an isolated area that puts you at home right in nature. Rooms feature soft bedding and cozy furniture along with a wood-fired sauna. 

In the main lodge, you can mingle with other guests while feasting on the chef’s fresh-prepared foods. Much of the ingredients come from the local herb and vegetable garden. The food is prepared fresh. You can add it to the fish that you catch or the game that you hunt in the area. All energy for the lodge comes from renewable energy sources.

Staying in a Safe Juneau Hotel that Supports Sustainability

If your Alaska travels take you to Juneau, consider staying at Juneau Hotel. While this isn’t a traditional wildlife experience like some of the eco-friendly stays on this list, you will have a full kitchen available to you to reduce eating out or single-use snacks, which drive up waste.

Use the community fish and game freezer to save what you hunt and fish in the area to take home with you. 

While Juneau has no eco-lodges, it does have many conservation efforts to help preserve the wild beauty in the area. We’d be honored to host you at our hotel and guide you in finding the best tours and experiences in Juneau that let you experience the area’s beauty while protecting it for future generations. Book your stay at Juneau Hotel today.

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