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How Staying in a Juneau Hotel Downtown will Enhance Your Alaska Experience


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Juneau, Alaska, is a stunning sight to see. From its outdoor experiences to its beautiful and amazing wildlife, the area offers an interesting and relaxing destination for your next vacation. As you plan your stay, consider staying at a Juneau hotel downtown to enhance your experience in Alaska and soak up all the city has to offer.

When you stay downtown, you’ll be immersed in the beauty and wonder that is Juneau, Alaska. But don’t worry, unlike other cities, you won’t be faced with excessive hustle and bustle that a downtown stay sometimes has. Instead, you’ll be placed at the center of Juneau’s rich history near the waterfront and within walking distance of many stunning sights and destinations.

Restaurants and bars near your Juneau hotel downtown

juneau restaurant downtown

From your Juneau hotel downtown, you can walk to some restaurants and bars that offer more than just great cuisine. Many of these locations are also historic sites that have been converted over to a restaurant or bar. During its earliest days as a gold mining town around 1914, Juneau had approximately 30 saloons.

Here’s a look at some of the restaurants you can visit downtown during your stay in Juneau, Alaska.

Red Dog Saloon located at 278 South Franklin. In addition to delicious food and entertainment, check out Wyatt Earp’s gun as well as stuffed animals and other interesting artifacts from Alaska’s early days.
Imperial Bar located at 241 Front features tin ceilings and walls from the bar’s early days. Dating back to 1906, this bar sits near the waterfront so you can enjoy stunning views while dining.
Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. is located at 130 Front Street in the Lewis Building. At its founding, the building housed Jorgenson’s Hardware in 1896. It later became a bank in 1925 but now serves up delicious coffee beverages.
Many, many more delicious restaurants line the streets of downtown Juneau. These include Tracy’s King Crab Shack, SALT, V’s Cellar Door, Seong’s Sushi Bar, TK Maguire’s and many more. You’ll find fresh seafood directly from Juneau as well as any other type of cuisine that interests you.

Historic buildings

juneau hotel filipino square
Filipino Square, Juneau, Alaska.

Downtown Juneau is more than just a fun place to eat, shop and explore. It also houses many historic buildings and churches. Head to 251 South Franklin to see the 1891 Filipino Hall. This building once housed Anna Goldstein’s Merchandise Store. Today, it’s a look into history with its architecture and heritage.

See the elegance of the restored Senate Building. Visit 175 South Franklin to see the building that now houses many different shops. You can find fun items to remember your trip by and stroll through these interesting shops.

Juneau’s Business District was built in 1901. What is now the Emporium Mall was once the Alaska Steam Laundry. The building still features the wood-shingled turret as well as a decorative shingled and slanted parapet. As you stroll the Emporium Mall, you can view photos of the building’s history inside.

Visit the first Territorial Capitol in Alaska at 109 South Franklin. This is the site of historic Elks Hall.

juneau hotel downtown
Alaska Governor’s Mansion, Juneau AK.

On Fourth Street, you’ll find the Governor’s House. Built in 1912, the home is a New England colonial style home built with a liberal interpretation of the style. The home originally cost $40,000 to build. It has 35 rooms and totals 14,400 square feet. See the stunning and astounding eight fireplaces this home boasts. And outside the home, you’ll find the totem pole that the Civilian Conservation Corps commissioned telling the history of the mosquito.

As you continue your exploration of the historic buildings, visit the House of Wickersham. This was the home of Alaskan pioneer Judge James Wickersham. He purchased the Victorian home in 1928.

At 119 Seward, you’ll see what might look like any other drugstore at the Juneau Drug Company. However, the Valentine Building was built in 1913 for Emery Valentine, a jeweler, six-term mayor and volunteer firefighter for Juneau.

Historic churches

lodging in juneau history
Russian Orthodox Church in Juneau, 1924.

At 326 Fifth Street, you can see the city’s Russian influence in the Russian Orthodox Church. The church has a gold dome. Newly baptized Orthodox natives built the church in 1894. It is now a historic landmark and houses Russian icons and other religious relics. You can also visit the church’s gift shop for books, postcards and more to remember your visit.

Head over to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary located on Fifth Street to see another stunning church as well as the offices for the Catholic Diocese of Juneau.

Walk down lanes filled with history

juneau hotel alaska
Capitol of Alaska Building, Juneau AK.

In addition to buildings, you can see other historic sites during your travels staying in a Juneau hotel downtown. On Main Street, visit the life-sized bronze brown bear. Local artist Skip Wallen created this piece of art named Windfall Fisherman.

During the summer, you can take a self-guided tour through the Alaska Capitol located on Fourth. Enjoy seeing the stunning marble columns in the working Capitol building that includes a replica of the Liberty Bell as well as other pieces of history.

Want to see the city from a better viewpoint, visit the State Office Building and head to the 8th floor. From there, you can see a great view of the city. And, if you’re in Juneau on a Friday, be sure to stop by for a free pipe organ concert here.

If you’re in Juneau for business, you’ll likely spend some time in Centennial Hall. The hall serves as a convention center and is home to many community events.

Experience the beauty of the waterfront

family trip to juneau

The waterfront in Juneau is stunning. Plus, you can see the sidewalk sundial as well as a map of Juneau made of nails in the decking of the local docks. See the Southeast lighthouses pictured near Marine Park Plaza.

And if you’re lucky, you can use the spotting scopes to see wildlife, such as mountain goats, on Mount Juneau.

At the Juneau Hotel downtown, you can enjoy staying in a comfortable suite in the hub of it all. Plus, our complimentary shuttle to and from the airport will make your stay relaxing and carefree. Check availability to start planning your travels to the history-rich area of Juneau.

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