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Quirky Bars and Pubs in Juneau, Alaska


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The splendid and isolated capital of Alaska, where one becomes friends with the rain and fully takes advantage of the sun when it shows up, has found another way of offering warmth and comfort to its short- or long-term visitors. Regardless if you are looking to spend quality time at restaurants or simply enjoy a drink in the evening – we’ve prepared a list of the best bars you can enjoy around downtown Juneau and in the Valley (only if you are 21+ of course!).

Sandbar & Grill

pub downtown juneau

Don’t be disappointed with the looks of this spot. “Nothing fancy, but good food and drinks” is the best way to describe the Sandbar. The dish sizes are decent, and visitors appreciated their beer selection. Definitely try the halibut with chips. Located within walking distance from our sister hotel, this place features a karaoke that is quite popular among the locals. Being one of the few places that are open after midnight, Sandbar & Grill is a great choice for a beer, strong drink or karaoke with friends.

The Viking

bar downtown juneau

The heart of downtown Juneau fun. Loud music, pool, darts, karaoke, bar and restaurant – all in a single place! Visitors appreciated its large selection of drinks, the great service and the atmosphere. “The best place for karaoke and dancing on the weekend” – The Viking will completely make you forget that it’s winter and raining or snowing outside, because all you’d be seeing is people having genuine fun.


juneau bars and pubs

Located close to our hotel in downtown Juneau, the Rendezvous is a less known spot, but that doesn’t stop it from being a hit among the locals. Notably it’s Juneau’s only gay bar. Recently, they’ve started doing shows as well. They have a drag show and they organize various contests. Be sure to ask around for the next show because it’s absolutely something that you must see. It’s really lively and brings along so much excitement that you would otherwise not expect to find in such a small town.


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The Narrows Bar

narrows bar juneau

A unique bar when it comes to the variety of the drinks. Although this place doesn’t have a large menu, it’s still full in the evenings, especially on weekends. “Quaint, classy, warm and cosy atmosphere with a well stocked bar” – plus bartenders that can craft cocktails you’ve never heard of. Isn’t that reason enough to go?

The Lucky Lady Pub

downtown juneau

Next door to The Narrows, this spot in the heart of downtown Juneau is praised for its outstanding service. The friendly and welcoming vibe of the pub is what makes it so appealing to visit again and again. Perhaps this is why The Lucky Lady Pub is the favorite of those who return to Juneau. If you drop by the bar, make sure to ask about the story of the owner and how the pub got its name!

The Alaskan Bar

downtown juneau

The Alaskan Bar is located on the first floor of the Alaskan Hotel. The building is an original structure and the place implies rustic and old fashioned vibes. If you are simply looking for a place to enjoy a good whiskey on a rainy evening – that’s probably the spot for you. While the establishment is a bit run down, it definitely has character. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. They also often host live music.

Squirez Bar

squirez bar downtown juneau

Also known as the student’s bar thanks to its location near the University of Alaska. As you walk in, expect to experience bar games, fast service, and great cocktails. This place is known to have some of the best burgers in town as well. The location of the bar offers a breathtaking view of the channel and you can grab a pair of binoculars to further enjoy the panorama. If you’re lucky enough, you might witness a fishing boat crew come in and ring the bell to celebrate their catch (seasonal)!

Is there anything that we’ve missed? Let us know if you have a suggestion to include your favorite place in our list.

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