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Juneau Restaurants for Every Budget and Culinary Interest


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Regardless of what brings you to Juneau, you should stop to take some time for the unique culinary experiences the area offers. If you can, splurge for a few different experiences to try out various types of food.

But if you can only go to one Juneau restaurant, which should it be? Your budget and the type of food you’re looking for will impact that decision, but to guide you, we’ve put together a list of some of the top options you won’t want to miss.

Best Juneau Restaurants Based on Type and Budget

Juneau Restaurants

Even if you’re just passing through Juneau while experiencing various parts of Alaska, you should stop for some fresh seafood and unique dishes that Juneau has to offer. Here’s a look at some outstanding options.

1. The Hangar On The Wharf

Budget: $$

Type: American

Best for: Dinner with a view

One reviewer summed up The Hangar On The Wharf well in just three sentences: “The atmosphere was great! The food was good! The views were phenomenal!” 

If you need a place to relax after your adventures, you can sit down and just enjoy one of the many beers on tap. Or if you’re traveling with a large party of differing food preferences, the menu has something for just about anyone. Despite this not being classified as a seafood restaurant, you’ll find incredible fresh seafood options alongside local beer. 

2. Tracy’s King Crab Shack

Budget: $$$

Type: Crab house

Best for: Crab legs, bisque or cakes

If you’ve come to Alaska for some fresh-caught crab, you’ll find some of the best in town here. And the great perk is that you’ll enjoy crab dishes with a stunning view of the water. You can get large baskets of crab legs along with butter rolls to feed a crowd. Some visitors call the food the best crab they’ve ever had. Or if seafood isn’t your thing, you’ll find some delicious alternatives, such as pulled pork sliders. 

3. Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos

Budget: $$

Type: Seafood

Best for: Fresh-caught seafood

One of the best-rated restaurants in the area is Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos. But you’ll find more than just fish tacos. Salmon tots will provide a unique experience unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. If tacos aren’t your thing, you can get traditional fish and chips to enjoy. The menu isn’t very large, but the items they focus on are superb, according to reviewers. 


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4. El Zarape

Budget: $$

Type: Mexican

Best for: Traditional Mexican cuisine

While El Zarape doesn’t have a website or online menu you can browse, it’s certainly an authentic experience. The price is right, and you won’t find better Mexican food in Juneau. Plus, customers note the generous portions and great service that the restaurant offers. While the aesthetic isn’t anything special, the food certainly is. 

5. Donna’s Restaurant

Budget: $$

Type: American

Best for: Affordable, high-quality diner food

Donna’s Restaurant is unassuming, but also incredibly delicious. It’s just down the street from our sister hotel, Frontier Suites. Prices are inexpensive and you’ll find everything from delicious eggs and coffee to savory burgers and ice cream. The restaurant is close to the airport, so it’s best for when you’re coming or going from Juneau or to break up a long day of hiking and adventures.


Budget: $$$$

Type: Eclectic

Best for: Upper-class dining in Juneau

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience in Juneau, SALT is where you’ll find it. The food is beautifully plated, but it tastes great too. The ambiance is incredible and you’ll find unique food options. With everything from fresh, local seafood to delicious steaks and seasonal produce, you’ll enjoy your eclectic experience at SALT. And if you’re looking to host an event, you’ll find three private dining rooms at the restaurant. 

7. Zerelda’s Bistro

Budget: $$

Type: American

Best for: Bistro food with delicious pastries for dessert

The sandwiches and entrees at Zerelda’s Bistro are incredible. But many people come for the sweet treat after their meal. The bistro features cupcakes, cake, pastries and more to enjoy after a delicious sandwich or burger. You’ll also find some great southern BBQ dishes. If you don’t have tons of time to linger, the grab-and-go style deli will be perfect.

8. Alaskan Brewing Company Public House

Budget: $$$

Type: Pub

Best for: Locally brewed beer alongside delicious pub food

Alaskan Brewing Company is not new, but its public house location is. So far, it’s been met with enthusiasm. The restaurant offers delicious bar food and locally brewed beer options. It’s all on the pier, so if you’re coming to the area via a cruise ship, you’ll find this an extremely convenient option. Customers highly recommend the halibut bites.

9. Pel’meni

Budget: $

Type: Russian

Best for: Unique food offering

Located in Historic Merchants Wharf, Pel’meni is a unique dining experience. But a great thing about it is that it is incredibly affordable and a great value. The portion sizes are generous for the money. The appearance of the restaurant isn’t much, but it’s worth making a stop here for some delicious food. The dumplings are totally crave-worthy and it’s a fast place to stop for a quick bite on your way somewhere. 

10. The Wild Alaskan

Budget: $$

Type: Seafood

Best for: Quick bite

The Wild Alaskan almost looks like a permanent food truck. It isn’t somewhere you’ll stop and stay for a while, but it is somewhere you’ll find incredible seafood sandwiches. The prices are decent and the fresh-cut fried potatoes are delicious. They are best known for their halibut and chips. One reason for that is the delicious sauce that it comes with that provides a delightful kick that isn’t overpowering. Commonly, visitors come to The Wild Alaskan when enjoying beer from Alaskan Brewing Company.

Other Food Establishments in Juneau

If you’re looking for a quick bite or a cup of coffee, be sure to review our blog on The Best Places for Juneau Coffee. You’ll also learn about fast places to grab a snack or where you can find delicious sweet treats that will delight your taste buds and make your trip memorable. 

What Food Is Juneau Known For?

Juneau Restaurants

Juneau is best known for its salmon, halibut and crab. But you’ll also find some outstanding regionally caught spot prawns, scallops and more. 

Is Juneau, Alaska, Walkable?

Yes, Juneau is one of the most walkable destinations for most travelers. You can go from sightseeing to dining with a short jaunt down the street. That’s one reason why downtown hotels are so popular. And with excursion companies picking up from the hotels, you can normally get by without renting a vehicle during your travels.

Is Juneau a Nice City?

If you love the outdoors, you’ll have a great time while in Juneau. It’s scenic and the community is one you can’t beat.

If you’re looking for a downtown hotel with outstanding service and comfortable rooms, Juneau Hotel is a prime choice. You’ll have a full kitchen and washer and dryer in every room. Book your stay now to secure the best rates.

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