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Packing Tips for Juneau Weather in August


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Juneau weather in August is some of the warmest weather you’ll experience when traveling to the state. The high average is 63 degrees and the low is 50. 

There are an average of 17 days of rain in August compared to the rainiest month of October when the average is 21. However, if you’re looking for the driest weather in Juneau, plan your trip for February or June, which each average 13 days per month.

Gearing up for an August trip to Juneau? We’ll help you prepare with packing tips and insights to keep you comfortable and having a great time throughout your stay.

packing tips for juneau

How to Pack for Juneau Weather in August

The weather in August is variable, but if you’re comparing it to other parts of the country, think of early spring weather where it’s chilly and damp all the time. If you look only at the forecasted temperature, you might pack too light for your trip thinking it will be warm enough for T-shirts and a light jacket. Just don’t forget how the dampness will make you feel colder than it would if the weather was rain-free.

Tip 1: Inner Layers Should Be Moisture-wicking 

Alaska is well-known for its outdoor adventures. If you plan to hike, kayak, whale watch or even just explore the upper deck of the cruise ship, start with moisture-wicking base layers.

Your base layers consist of the shirt closest to your body. But don’t forget about socks too! You want your feet to stay dry so you don’t end up with blisters, which could put a real damper on your Juneau experience. 

Try not to skimp on your base layers and buy the best of the best when it comes to pulling moisture away from your body.

Tip 2: Outer Layers Must Be Waterproof

Even with the best moisture-wicking base layers, you need good exterior protection to prevent from getting wet in the first place. Look for pants, jackets and boots/shoes that are waterproof and not just water-resistant. 

While in Juneau, you’re bound to encounter a rainstorm (or two or three). Be prepared with outer protection that keeps you comfortable. And while looking for a jacket, consider one with a hood if you don’t want to carry an umbrella around on your adventures but want ultimate rain protection.

Tip 3: Think Layers

The weather can be somewhat unpredictable. You might leave your Juneau hotel when it’s sunny and 60 degrees and return when it is raining and the temp has dropped 10 degrees. That’s why it’s smart to dress in layers that you can take off or add back on as needed.

Bring a small waterproof backpack where you can place snacks, water and added layers when you aren’t wearing them. Look for jackets and long-sleeve shirts that fold up small and are compact for ease of transport. 

Tip 4: Pack Both Short and Long Sleeve Shirts

Some days you might be looking at chilly temps where you’ll want a long-sleeve base layer. Other times the sun’s rays will keep you warm enough that a T-shirt is a far better option when you’re out hiking or fishing.

Pack both short and long-sleeve shirts to provide yourself options when it comes to how to dress during your adventures. It might feel like you’re overpacking, but you want to prioritize comfort to enjoy every aspect of your travels.

During Juneau trips, you’ll go from a lively downtown experience where you can sightsee and relax at bars, restaurants and the local brewery to outdoor adventures or mining for gold in the creeks and waterways of Juneau. Be ready for anything with a diverse wardrobe.


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Tip 5: Don’t Forget Hats and Gloves

But wait, it’s August. Why would you need a hat and gloves? Alaska is a mountainous region, which means as you hike or explore nature, you might end up in colder regions than where your downtown Juneau hotel is located.

You can always keep your light hat and gloves stowed away in your backpack and never need them. But if you start to get chilly, you won’t regret the small additional weight you’ve been carrying around all day.

Tip 6: Leave the Flip Flops at Home

This isn’t a beach vacation. The terrain in Juneau includes plenty of elevation changes, rocks, sticks and other hazards. You don’t want to wear flip flops. If you have a good pair of hiking sandals, those might come in handy, but remember that if you step in water in Juneau, it will likely be pretty chilly. 

It’s a better idea to pack waterproof footwear that will also provide ample protection for your feet from suffering injury from nature’s beauty. 

Tip 7: Skip the Shorts

Sure, it’s summertime, but in Juneau, you want your legs covered, and ideally your pants will be a nylon water-resistant material. You’ll stay dry and comfortable in the rugged Juneau terrain. Convertible zip pants can give you the option to transform your pants into shorts if you get too warm but know that it’s rare for it to be so warm that you need the lighter, breezy feel of shorts.

Tip 8: Don’t Forget Sunglasses

If you have any water activities planned, the glare off the water can impact your ability to spot a whale or watch the land animals play. While there are plenty of rainy overcast days, there may still be some sunshine that could impact your ability to take part in certain activities without careful planning.

Ideally, your sunglasses should be polarized to make it easier to see out on the water without squinting. And don’t forget that Mendenhall Glacier might have some glare on rainy days too. So even if you don’t plan to kayak or boat during your travels, hiking could present some challenges without the right equipment.

Packing Tips for Juneau Weather

Tip 9: Bring Other Waterproofing Materials

As you think about your outer layers being waterproof, don’t forget other essentials to protect your belongings from water damage. A waterproof bag for your phone might be a good idea, even if you have a newer model that is water-resistant. Things can happen where your phone gets submerged for an extended period where it’s better to be safe than sorry and have a bag for it.

But don’t forget about other electronics, such as a camera, wireless headphones or other devices that would be harmed if you got caught in a raintorm or tipped your kayak.

Tip 10: Binoculars Help You See Details at a Distance

You might not have any need for binoculars at home, but in Juneau, they offer a great way to see nature up close while keeping your distance. Don’t sacrifice safety for the best up-close look or photo. Instead, just plan for seeing nature with a good pair of binoculars or a long camera lens.

August Juneau Packing FAQs

Still want more information about Juneau in August? Read up on these common questions tourists ask to learn more and prepare for your travels.

Is August a Good Time to Visit Juneau, Alaska?

Yes, you should target May through August when visiting Juneau. That’s because the weather is warmest this time of year. August is nice because the peak season is June, which means you’ll contend with cruise ship passengers and hordes of other travelers to see and do what you want to. The days are still long during August and you’re more likely to see the sun. Furthermore, this time of year is whale migration season, which increases the likelihood of seeing these incredible creatures during your trip.

What’s the Weather Like in August in Alaska?

The air stays pretty temperate near the coast at 50-60 degrees throughout the day. Plus, you’ll have 18 hours of daylight to work with. If you’re traveling to a more inland area, you could see even warmer temperatures while artic areas will only get to about 40 degrees.

Is It Cold on an Alaskan Cruise in August?

August is still prime cruise weather since the temperatures are cool and chilly without being unbearable. If you plan to go on deck in the early morning or late evening, plan for icy temperatures. Bundle up because you can always take off a layer if you’re too warm.  

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