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How Long Do I Need to Travel to Take Advantage of an Extended Stay Juneau Hotel?


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Hotel rooms can feel small and cramped compared to the apartment or home you’re used to. And while a getaway is nice, people often look forward to the amenities of life at home. An extended stay Juneau hotel can provide the comforts of home even for short stays.

But then comes the big question of how long your travels should be to require an extended stay hotel. In reality, you can stay at an extended stay for just a few nights. While the big financial benefits come from weeklong or month-long stays, most hotels do not require these long bookings for an extended stay suite.

Get important information about valuable times to choose an extended stay for the best value and rates. 

Discounted Long-term Rates

If you’re planning a trip of more than five days to an area, you might be able to get discounted rates at an extended stay. Instead of shopping by the posted per night fee, search based on your total stay. So input your expected travel dates to see the total cost for your time at that hotel.

Travelers who are flexible about when they visit Juneau can take advantage of slower times and get even better rates. Sometimes the best way to find these pockets of lower rates is to contact the hotel directly and discuss upcoming specials.

Call an extended stay to see if they offer special long-term rates. Discuss how long you’ll be staying and your room requirements.

Consider too the total cost of your trip. While an extended stay might be slightly more per night, you can save money on dining by grocery shopping and eating in your room. Plus, an extended stay often has added amenities, like in-room laundry. 

Not sure what travel to Juneau costs? Read our guide to a Juneau hotel stay and vacation budget.

An Extended Stay Juneau Hotel Is for Short Travel Too

Even if you can’t find deep discounts at an extended stay due to shorter travel, you might be surprised at how competitive the rates at these hotels are. The per-night cost of an extended stay is often very close to other hotel rates. 

The best way to discover this information is to use a comparison website and include extended stays in your query. Many hotels do not have a limit on the number of nights you must stay to book an extended stay.

Get Extra Space for Multiple Travelers

One of the great benefits of booking a suite at an extended stay is that you’ll have more space if you’re traveling with a large party. Being able to book one larger hotel room can be much more affordable than needing two or more hotel rooms. 

At Juneau Hotel, we have five different room and suite formats to best accommodate your party. Our two-bedroom queen suite sleeps six people comfortably. With two separate bedrooms, you’ll have personal space no matter who you’re traveling with. But then when you want to congregate, you can all gather up in the living room/dining room space for group activities. 

One room even has a jacuzzi tub so you can pamper yourself during your travels. Feel like you’re at home but let us do all the cleaning and maintenance so you can just relax. You’ll have a full kitchen and washer and dryer in your suite. Plus, we provide high-speed internet access and cable TV with seven HBO channels. 

If you’re looking for less space, you can the deluxe suite and still have a separate bedroom to retreat to from the living space. Unsure of what’s right for your travelers? Our helpful front desk team can provide insights and advice. Just give us a call at 907-586-5666 or see our Specials page.

Enjoy the Comforts of Home

The goal of a vacation or hotel stay is probably to get away from your regular responsibilities. You want to see new vistas, forget about the list of chores on your to-do list and just unwind.

But that doesn’t mean you want to be in a small, cramped space. Hotel rooms can feel sterile and uncomfortable. But an extended stay features more space and a homier feel.

Enjoy a real dining table where you can gather with others, or just sit and read while looking out at the stunning mountain views Juneau offers.

real dining table in room
Enjoy a real dining table while traveling for an extended stay. A full kitchen too!

You shouldn’t feel cramped and shut-in during your escape. Instead, consider booking an extended stay hotel no matter where your travels take you.

Tips to Make an Extended Stay Feel More Like Home

For longer hotel stays, consider making your home-away-from-home feel more like what you’re used to. You can make an extended stay feel like an extension of your home with these simple tips. 

  • Bring some small pieces of home with you. Decorating with a couple of framed photos can make an extended hotel stay feel more comfortable and normal. If you burn candles or fill your home with a specific scent, consider bringing those materials with you to make your suite smell like home. Consider what small tokens of home are practical for you to pack and bring with you and don’t go too crazy. A few small touch can make a big difference.
  • Bring your own pillow. One of the most impactful aspects of sleeping well is having your own pillow. This can make just about any bed feel like your bed at home. Better sleep will help you feel energized and ready to explore the area where you’re staying.
  • Stay organized. Sometimes travelers accidentally create clutter in their hotel rooms. Whether it’s maps or pamphlets about activities you’d like to try, consider how you can keep the area tidy. Organize your suite like you would organize your home. Try to put things in common places where you’ll use them instead of living out of a suitcase the whole time.
  • Keep a routine. While you’ll want to relax during your stay, the more you deviate from your routine the less like home this place will feel. Consider still setting an alarm during your stay, even if it’s set for an hour later than normal. 
  • Bring your furry friend with you. Having your pet with you can really make your hotel feel like home. Juneau Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel where we welcome small cats and dogs to stay with you. Call the front desk for details about traveling with a dog before booking. 

 A few simple steps can help you feel at ease and at home no matter what hotel you choose to stay at and for how long you’re staying there. 

Booking a Stay at Juneau Hotel

Review our Specials page to see our extended-stay rates and information. If you have questions, please call us at 907-586-5666. We can tell you all about our accommodations and great features, like free airport shuttle service.

Even during your stay, you can feel free to give us a call for insights and recommendations about great local things to do or places to eat & drink. Our goal is to help make your travels as enjoyable as possible.

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Full washers and dryers in every suite.

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