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Things to Do Alone in Juneau, Alaska


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Whether you’re traveling to Juneau for work or just want a solo getaway, there are plenty of ideal activities you can engage in alone.  

Juneau is all about exploring the outdoors. You can soak in the quiet and just be with nature. So you don’t need to be worried about traveling alone and feeling uncomfortable.

Take a look at some top considerations when traveling solo and some of the best activities to engage in by yourself.

Perks of Traveling Alone in Juneau

While you might prefer to travel in groups or with a few good friends or family members, traveling alone can have its perks. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you might experience as a solo traveler.

  1. You can stop and take pictures whenever the mood strikes you without slowing anyone down.
  2. Some excursion companies offer discounted rates for single travelers to fill in on tours that have one opening.
  3. Freedom to set your own itinerary based on what interests you most.
  4. Spend more time on some activities that you find extra interesting or speed up through the activities that are not as engaging as you were expecting.
  5. Meet new people and learn more about their adventures, culture and more.
  6. Relax and unwind from life without interruptions or potential interpersonal disruptions.
  7. Option to make your travel plans flexible and fly standby to save money.

Best Things to Do in Juneau When Traveling Alone

As you plan out your travels by yourself, consider engaging in these outstanding activities Juneau has to offer.

1. Hike and Explore Mendenhall Glacier

For travelers from most parts of the country, the sight of a large glacier is something they can only dream of. But in Alaska, you have the chance to witness these incredible formations. The glacier is 13.6 miles long and is about 12 miles from downtown Juneau. Don’t settle for just seeing photos of this wonderful area. Go and see it in person.

Enjoy the hiking trails, but be sure to stay on the marked paths or go with a guide to ensure you don’t get lost. Some trails are more advanced and are best reserved for those with hiking experience. Just be sure to choose paths according to your skill and comfort levels and you’ll have a great time. Also, be sure you know when sunset is before heading out to ensure you don’t get lost in the dark.

2. Ride Mount Roberts Tramway

Things Do Alone Juneau

The aerial tramway is located just south of downtown Juneau and provides an incredible overhead view of the Gastineau Channel. Mount Roberts Tramway has been in operation since 1996 and climbs the 3,819-foot trek to provide a unique experience. Plus, there’s some great shopping at the gift shop if you’re looking for a unique gift or souvenir.

3. Visit Tracy Arm Fjord

A fjord is once again another natural phenomenon most people have never witnessed. You’ll have to travel 45 miles south of downtown Juneau to see the fjord, but it’s worth the trip. And you’ll get to explore Tongass National Forest along the way since the fjord is located within the forest.

You can take a boat ride to the fjord to experience it up close. Some whale watching excursions take to these waters. You’ll get the chance to boat through dozens of icebergs and take in sights you won’t experience at home.

4. Don’t Miss Nugget Falls

Nugget Falls is located at the base of Bullard Mountain. The falls pour into Mendenhall Lake. You can hike to the falls from Mendenhall Glacier. The hike is about 2.2 miles and past travelers report that it is mostly flat and easy terrain. If you are up for the hike, most people say it is worth the effort because the falls are extraordinary. 


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5. Experience the Gold Rush at Last Chance Mining Museum

Visit the Last Chance Basin Camp to learn more about the Gold Rush. The Last Chance Mining Museum houses artifacts from the peak of the Gold Rush, which helped put Alaska on the map and specifically aided in developing Juneau. 

You can still pan for gold in the streams nearby to get a feel for what it was like. Travelers must be prepared to park and walk about a quarter mile to the museum. Also know that the building is from the turn of the century, which means it has no heat. If it’s a chilly day, be sure to layer up and know that the indoor temperature will reflect the outdoor temperate.

6. Visit the Alaska State Museum on Bad Weather Days

If you end up with a day where the weather is just miserable, you can still learn about the area and experience it uniquely. The Alaska State Museum offers a fun indoor experience and you can walk there from many of the downtown Juneau hotels. Learn about Alaska’s history alongside the important cultures that have helped build it.

7. Explore the Local Fare

Juneau offers several incredible restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars from a variety of cuisine types. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

If you’re looking for American food, consider The Hangar On The Wharf. You’ll enjoy dinner with a view here. That atmosphere is incredible and the food is tasty. 

For outstanding, yet affordable, seafood, visit Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos. The menu is somewhat limited, but what they offer is incredible.

Looking for more options? Read up on the best Juneau Restaurants for Every Budget and Culinary Interest that breaks down some of the best restaurants by type and what they are best for. And be sure to read up on the Best Places for Juneau Coffee to help get your day kickstarted so you can explore and enjoy your solo travels.

Juneau Solo Travel FAQs

You might have questions, such as whether you can go to Mendenhall Glacier on your own or if Juneau is a walkable city. Here’s an answer to common questions related to traveling alone in the city.

Can You Go To Mendenhall Glacier on Your Own?

You can travel to Mendenhall Glacier alone. However, just be aware that the hiking trails can be hard to navigate alone. Be sure you’ve selected a hiking trail that matches your abilities and follow the maps and signs closely to avoid getting lost or injured.

Is Juneau a Walkable City?

Downtown Juneau is extremely walkable. However, Juneau encompasses many square miles so if you plan to see more of the far-reaching areas, you won’t likely be able to walk there from your hotel. You can learn more about how to get around Juneau from our blog: Do You Need a Car in Juneau Downtown?

How Many Days Do You Need in Juneau?

The ideal trip to Juneau includes a full week. But if you just a few days or even hours during a cruise, you can soak in the incredible outdoor experiences.

The Best Places to Stay in Juneau When Traveling Alone

When traveling alone, it’s a good idea to stay in a central location. Downtown Juneau hotels will put you at the center of the many fun activities that Juneau has to offer. Juneau Hotel provides spacious suites complete with a full kitchen and washer and dryer in every unit. It’s in a safe area to provide added security for solo travelers and you’ll find a friendly front desk staff ready to help answer questions or guide you toward activities. Book your stay now.

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