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Dog Sledding Tours in Juneau: Cost and Reviews


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Dog sledding is Alaska’s iconic sport. While the iconic dog sled competition, The Iditarod, takes place from Anchorage to Nome, Juneau is still a great place to learn about mushing and experience dog sledding fun. 

Along the way, you’ll learn the rich history of dog sledding, including a fun way to celebrate 50 years of the days-long competition that spans 938 miles in March each year.

You’ll also meet some sled dogs and learn how mushers care for their dogs. Learn more about the profession of dog sledding and enjoy your first (or 100th) dog sled ride. 

Alaskan huskies love the chance to run and are well-trained, outstanding listeners. Check off this bucket list item with dog sledding tours in Juneau. Here’s a breakdown of the costs and reviews for these adventures.

Juneau Sled Dog Discovery

Cost: $149 per adult/$129 per child aged 3-12

Review rating: 5/5 stars on 81 reviews 

This 2.5-hour experience will take you on a dog-driven wheeled car through a mile of rainforest in Tongass National Forest. You’ll get to spend time with husky puppies and participate in this adventure as a family. Designed for all ages, you’ll get a chance to sit down with professional mushers to learn about their work.

Even the drive to and from the dog camp is stunning and included in the fee. You’ll be amazed at the quick pace the dogs can maintain while pulling the wheeled cart. Teams of 14-16 huskies will await your arrival with anticipation because they love the opportunity to run. 

Explore with Alaska Shore Tours. It is the tour with the best value for the money because it’s a chance to experience dog sledding for a reasonable price.

Dog Sledding Tours in Juneau

Here’s what Sandy had to say about her experience:

“I loved the Sled Dog Experience! This was my favorite Alaskan excursion. The guides and mushers were very well-spoken and interesting. I can’t believe I learned so much in such a short visit. Of course, all the dogs and pups were amazing.”

Helicopter & Dogsled Glacier Excursion

Cost: $629 per person

Review rating: 4.9/5 stars on 53 reviews 

Explore parts of Juneau you wouldn’t otherwise get to see by taking to the skies in a helicopter ride. The views are stunning as you look out over the glaciers.

The tour picks up at the cruise dock and takes you to the helicopter base. From there, you’ll enjoy a short helicopter ride with your pilot pointing out important landmarks and can’t-miss views. Then you’ll land on Herbert Glacier where dog sled teams await you. Take a ride with Alaskan huskies through an ice field as you look out on snow-covered peaks. 

Teams of 12-14 dogs will take you on the ride of your life alongside your professional musher. Dog sleds can hold up to five passengers. Learn more about mushing and how it is ingrained in Alaskan and Northern culture. You’ll then return to the helicopter for your ride back. 

Here’s what Mary and Sal had to say about their experience:

“This excursion was beyond our expectations!!!! The best excursion we took while in Alaska. Something that should definitely not be missed. Scott our pilot was awesome, Jim the musher was friendly, took his time with us, and answered all our questions and it was fantastic spending time on the actual sleds. We would highly recommend this excursion!!”


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Gold Rush Dog Tours

Cost: Variable based on needs

Review rating: 5/5 on 644 reviews

Sheep Creek offers a replica outpost where you’ll meet and interact with Alaskan huskies and professional mushers. See how excited these dogs get when they get the chance to run. Learn the mechanics of the cart you’ll be riding in to participate in summer cart mushing. Summer cart mushing trains huskies during the off-season. You’ll then ride through the mountain valley along Sheep Creek. 

The full tour lasts about one hour and 20 minutes. Get ready for an outdoor adventure unlike any other. 

Here’s what Lois had to say about her experience:

“We learned a lot about sled dogs, mushers, and the history of sledding. Our guide was Gabe, who was wonderful with the visitors and the dogs. He was very knowledgeable and patiently answered all of our questions. Getting there was its own adventure – Brendon was our driver. It’s a crazy road but we were in good hands. I would definitely do this again!”

Helicopter Dogsled Tour

Cost: $629-$659

Review rating: 4.4/5 stars on 8 reviews

Experience dog sledding in an up close and personal way. Juneau Adventure Tours takes you to one of the dog sled camps and includes a 30-minute helicopter ride. It is one of the most popular tour options from the company.

The tour picks up at many local hotels, cruise docks, and the Mount Roberts Tramway for convenience for travelers. During the helicopter ride, you’ll see the Juneau icefield and fly over downtown. What you’ll see during your helicopter ride will depend on weather conditions.

Juneau Dog Sledding & Glacier Helicopter Tour

Cost: $629 per person

Review rating: 4.9/5 stars on 387 reviews

The experience of riding in a helicopter and riding through an icefield behind a dog sled will make for quite the memories. Start your excursion with a helicopter ride over the glaciers. The tour picks up at the cruise ship terminal. The ride takes you between mountain peaks for some of the best views in all of Juneau.

Then you’ll land on Herbert Glacier where you’ll tour the dog sled camp and enjoy a sled ride. 160 Alaskan huskies live in Herbert Glacier. Hear from mushers who have participated in the Iditarod and other dog sled races as they discuss the unique mode of transportation. Ask questions and learn more about the sport.

Watch as the dogs get excited for their opportunity to mush. You’ll become a part of one of Alaska’s favorite pastimes. Enjoy a photo opportunity with the dogs at the end. You’ll spend 3 hours total during this excursion.

Here’s what Marshall had to say about his experience:

“Best excursion ever. If you’re visiting Alaska, don’t miss this. The helicopter ride is breathtaking. Landing at the dog sled camp was amazing. The staff and crew were professional and informative. The best part is the dog sledding. Wow! Beautiful animals. Note: you need to be fit enough to walk the snow where your feet can dip more than six inches into the ground. Not east footing. Five stars!!!!!”

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