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Discovering Juneau as a Couple

Traveling as a couple is truly a special experience in everyone’s life. The wanderlust shared with your special someone deepens your bond and helps create memories that last a lifetime. And Juneau might just be the right place for your romantic escape. Be prepared to encounter a brilliant blend of natural adventure experience, cultural enrichment,  quirky bars & pubs, quality dining, among many other great pleasures to enjoy during your lodging in Juneau.

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Juneau with Kids: Things To Do And See

If we were to describe a family trip to Juneau in one word, it would definitely be adventure. Juneau is a popular destination for those seeking activity holidays, and there cannot be anything more fun than that for a family with active kids. When it comes to fun and exploring, to sightseeing and family hikes, no other city stands out as much as Juneau, Alaska.

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Crash Course History of Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is more than stunning views, imposing mountains, and running blue waters. This is a city full of history that spans for centuries before colonization and the Gold Rush which gave it its name and legacy. We present a brief history of the city of Juneau.

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Christmas in Juneau

Juneau is distinctive thanks to its small and close-knit community. Even though the only way to get here is by train or boat, once you arrive, Juneau is very friendly and welcoming. This feeling of tranquility and peacefulness is particularly felt during Christmas season. In this blog post you will get an idea of what Juneau is like during the marvelous winter holidays.

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Quirky Bars and Pubs in Juneau, Alaska

The splendid and isolated capital of Alaska, where one becomes friends with the rain and fully takes advantage of the sun when it shows up, has found another way of offering warmth and comfort to its short- or long term visitors. Regardless if you are looking to spend quality time at restaurants or simply enjoy a drink in the evening – we’ve prepared a list of the best bars you can enjoy around downtown Juneau (only if you are 21+ of course!).

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Restaurants & Places to Eat in Juneau, AK

Juneau’s potential to amaze with its nature is only rivaled by the potential to show off with its vivid culture. Fish and chips, ginormous pizzas with unique recipes, Mexican and Asian cuisine, fine dining and so much more to taste! Here is a list of our recommendations to discover quality dining in the capital of Alaska while enjoying your stay at our hotel in Juneau.

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